UMASS Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Rd
North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Jim Lawton, Shingo Furukawa (Technical Advisor)

Team Members
Libby Bell
Suthida Frank
Dustin Freitas
Michelle Grey
Aleisea Guzman
Melissa Hacunda
Tess Oldfield
Nick Purpura
Emily Samataro
Adeline Thibeault
Olivia Wallett
Corrinn Jusell
Amanda Lombardo
Kylie McWilliams
Michael Moriconi
Mary Richards
Isabel Vieira
Alison Wood
Catch and Release

The ocean is a connected space dynamic and teeming with life. Catch and Release, will harbor the currents of SOFA visitors, like a school of fish, inviting them to share a moment of curiosity and inquiry. The UMass Dartmouth team was inspired by the daily impact of the ocean on life in New England.  The fishing industry has been central to the identity of New Bedford, Massachusetts since the nineteenth century. Effects have been felt throughout the city’s history and the fluctuations of its economy. Recognizing that a trap functions as an inviting enclosure, we have designed a similar structure for visitors to inhabit. The permeability of traps inspired us to explore expansive design. Utilizing light and projections, visitors will be lured into our space, much like baiting a trap. Our structure draws parallels between the experience of sea-life and human connections through contemporary design.