University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

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Cultivating the Future

The University of Iowa 3D design program has created a harmonious and comforting environment for SOFA CONNECT 2018 inspired by the works of Grant Wood. We were most drawn to his painting Young Corn, depicting an undulating patchwork of fields and pasture in rural Iowa. The intense rolling and spherical forms present in Grant Wood’s landscapes capture a nostalgia for the rural fields of Iowa. We borrowed shapes, textures and colors to create a warm space, evoking the feelings of nostalgia present in Young Corn. The overall structure references rolling hills lined with rows of crops and draws one in through a wide front opening. The cylindrical seating and platforms are reminiscent of trees. The space reflects our pride in the history of our university. Like Grant Wood, we appreciate the great beauty in all facets of Midwest life, and strive to communicate that beauty through our space.