Trish and Glen Tullman

Ignite Glass Studios

Inspired by their son Ben’s passion for glass blowing, Trish and Glen Tullman developed a deep appreciation for this time honored craft and the breathtaking art it produces.  This, combined with their understanding of the power this collaborative art form has to inspire and transform young people’s lives, led them to build a world-class glass arts facility in Chicago.  Their vision is to build a thriving glass art community in Chicago as well as provide a space where both professional artists can create and grow and novices can experiment and learn about this beautiful art form.  They believe that the inclusive, creative energy of working with glass offers a unique opportunity for social collaboration and community building and wanted to test the idea in real time.

Glen’s background as a business leader and entrepreneur helped to create Ignite’s sustainable model based on an event venue, a signature production line, and partnerships with educational institutions such as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Trish, using her extensive background as a diversity educator and her passion for cultivating multicultural understanding and building learning communities, helped frame and develop Ignite’s community outreach and drives the arts programming for under-resourced youth. 

Trish and Glen support a range of philanthropic initiatives including Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Facing History and Ourselves, a professional development organization for educators to combat discrimination and injustice.