Illinois Institute of Technology
10 W 35th St
Chicago, IL 60616

Curated by John DeSalvo

Team Members
Adam Rostek
Erez Krengel
Myles Emmons
Mitchell Hawkins 
Riya Desai

Wa, Ba, Tokaro, and Ma

In the world as we know it, the axes of X, Y, and Z dictate everything. A simple framework of visual lines exploits these within this stage for diverse physical and emotional interactions. Elements therein are fundamentally assigned to signify each; seating arrangement in width, wall facade in depth, lighting systems in height. An experience, following laws of proportion and tailored by an articulation of a sloping plane, mutates with movement throughout. Intricate illumination then forms beacons to guide through the orchestrated space – into a serendipitous moment of recharge.