Columbus College of Art & Design
60 Cleveland Ave
Columbus, OH 43215

Molly Burke, John Cairns, and Mike Olenick

Team Members
Yae Reem Lee
Eric Mei
Jiahao Peng
Zhuo Zhao
Faith Goodman
Grace Korandovich
Yam Amadu

Nathan Gorgen
Erek Nass

Contemporary Consumption The Ease and Regrets of Online Purchasing

What is consumption through the lens of contemporary society and culture? Over the past decade how we interact with the world has changed significantly, and it is reasonable to assume interactions will continue to become more digital with each new tool that silicon valley creates; in order to “help us” actually becomes more infiltrated into our lives. We want to take a look at online consumerism through an abstract lens of installation. We intend to surround attendees with projected imagery of consumable items in an enclosed tent-like space. The public will be welcomed by reflective imagery – seating made from discarded Amazon boxes, offering a place to recoup and charge their devices. Addressing the proliferation of products of limited utility and durability, the design of e-commerce also interfaces to encourage reckless spending, the waste-stream and by-products of an industry individually packaging and shipping vast quantities of material daily.