Bruce Robbins

Lillstreet Art Center

Bruce Robbins is the founder and CEO of Chicago's Lillstreet Art Center, a large community of artists and students working side-by-side in an environment which encourages and inspires artistic growth in the individual. Lillstreet supports the arts through their education program, artist residencies, gallery exhibitions and retail sales opportunities, studio rentals, and arts-based professional development. Robbins also founded ArtReach, a sister organization that provides arts education to under served communities in Chicago; and founder/CEO of Expressions of Culture, Inc., the original producers of SOFA CHICAGO.Ann is well-known and respected for her no-nonsense attitude, direct approach, and honesty.  She and Walter have 4 children – all successful in their own right – and 14 grandchildren.  She is still as busy as ever to keep the show on the road.