2018 lectures & events

Access to the SOFA CHICAGO Lecture Series is included with fair admission. Lecture Series rooms A and B are on the upper level of show floor, above entrance at the east end of Festival Hall. 


FRIDAY, November 2


Mosaic Demo
Hourly | Society of American Mosaic Artists

Continuous mosaic demonstrations throughout the day.


SNAG Emerging Artists 2018
9 - 10 am | Lecture Room A

Three exceptional emerging jewelry artists, Tanya Crane from the US, Marie-Eve G. Castonguay from Canada, and Wanshu Lifrom the United Kingdom by way of China, will speak about the development of their jewelry and the sources that inspire them.Tanya Crane and Wanshou Li are represented by Charon Kransen Arts, and Marie-Eve G. Castonguay by Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h. Sponsored by the Society of North American Goldsmiths


The Challenges of Working Large
10 - 11 am | Lecture Room A

Metal sculptor Hoss Haley will go through his experience in producing a public art commission including presentation, design, engineering, budget, and the unique challenges of building a sculpture several times larger that his studio. Represented at SOFA by Momentum Gallery. Sponsored by the Society of North American Goldsmiths


Vessels for My Heart
11 am - 12 pm | Lecture Room A

Metal artist Kye-Yeon Son will share her personal journey to visualize emotive qualities such as wishes, memory, loss, and endurance in her vessels and jewellery. A faculty at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Kye was the winner of the Canada's prestigious Saidye Bronfman Award and the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts. Kye-Yeon Son is represented by Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h. Sponsored by the Society of North American Goldsmiths


Self-Reflection through Mirrored Voids
11 am - 12 pm | Lecture Room B

This autobiographical presentation details the trajectory of Joanna Manousis' work with glass as a sculptural medium. Specifically, Manousis will touch on her current research utilizing negative core-casting and gilding methodologies in her pursuit to create fully reflective, three-dimensional mirrors encapsulated within solid kiln cast glass. Presented by Habatat Galleries


Glass Demo
Daily Schedule | Corning Museum of Glass Hot Glass Road Show

Demo Schedule

11:30 am                 Helen Tegeler (CMoG)
1:00 pm                   Trina Weintraub  (Habatat Galleries)
3:00 pm                   Dan Friday  (Blue Rain Gallery)
5:00 pm                   Ben Johnson  (Maria Elena Kravetz)


Public Art in the Urban Landscape
12 - 1 pm | Lecture Room A

A discussion of the importance and relevance of public art in the urban landscape, as a way of creating sense of place; a cultural identity; civic pride; an educational forum; and, a way of engendering dialog in fractured neighborhoods. Presented by Cynthia Reeves Gallery


CONNECT Panel Discussion
12 - 1:30 pm | Lecture Room B

Discussion with the faculty advisors of the six chosen participating CONNECT schools: Columbus College of Art & Design; Illinois Institute of Technology; University of California-Davis; University of Iowa; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; and Virginia Tech University. Moderated by William Ganis, Chairperson of the Department of Art and Design, as well as Professor of Art History at Indiana State University. In addition, Dr. Ganis is an active and accomplished arts writer and has penned reviews and articles for national and international publications, including Artforum, Sculpture, and Border Crossings. Dr. Ganis is a contributing editor for Glass Quarterly and continues to write about Andy Warhol’s photography, especially the “Photographic Legacy” material recently made public.


Woodturning Demo
Daily Schedule | Chicago Wood Turners

Demo Schedule

12:30 pm         Kristin LeVier (Kirstin Muenster Projects) and Al Miotke  (Chicago Woodturners)
1:45 pm           Andy Kuby  (Chicago Woodturners)
3:00 pm           Clint Stevens  (Chicago Woodturners)
4:15 pm           Katie Adams  (Tenn. Assoc. of Woodturners)
5:30 pm           Dave Bertaud  (Chicago Woodturners)


Historical Furniture from Many Cultures
1 - 2 pm | Lecture Room A

Bruce Schuettinger/MosArt will conduct a half hour lecture on historical furniture from many cultures and time periods and how that knowledge and experience conserving, so many pieces, has propelled him to create the furniture he is currently producing by pointing out specific areas of construction, decoration, furniture forms, etc within his furniture on display, relating it to the period work. Also as part of that bring into the mix the specific art movements and specific artists that have greatly affected his work. Presented by Joseph Gallery

Book Signing: Mark Peiser
1 - 2 pm | Bender Gallery, Booth A15

Mark Peiser has been involved with the Studio Glass Movement since 1967 and is widely recognized for his uniquely individualized approaches and accomplishments.

In 1967, Peiser attended a five week glass session at the then burgeoning Penland School of Crafts. There, he quickly acquainted himself with the basic tools and limited written resources available at the time. “I was told there was no information available beyond what I saw,” he says. “I found the only way to learn was through experimentation in all aspects of studio existence.” And experiment he did. Peiser was made Penland’s first resident glass craftsman, a post he held until 1970, when he established his own studio nearby.” Peiser is a founder of the Glass Art Society started in 1971 at Penland, of which he is an Honorary Lifetime Member.

“Most of my career has been spent evolving glasses and processes,” Peiser says. “Like many of us in the ’60s, I strove to be an advocate for the material and new approaches to its objects.”

Peiser's work is in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago (IL), Birmingham Art Museum (AL), Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (NY), Corning Museum of Glass (NY), La Galerie Internationale du Verre (France), Glasmuseum (Denmark), High Museum of Art (GA), Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art (Japan), Hunter Museum of American Art (TN), Milwaukee Art Museum (WI), Mint Museum of Craft + Design (NC), Museum of Arts & Design (NY), National Museum of American History, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Smithsonian Institute (DC), Santa Barbara Museum of Art (CA), Toledo Museum of Art (OH) and Tokyo Museum of Modern Art (Japan). Peiser was inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Craft Council in 1988 and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass in 2004. Additionally in 2009 he received the North Carolina Governor’s Award and in 2010 the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Glass Art Society.

Book Signing: Michael Taylor
1 - 2 pm | Habatat Gallery, Booth A25

Small discussion with book signing to follow with Michael Taylor.


Layered Resplendence: An Ongoing Collaboration Between David Barnhill and David Huang
2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room A

Join metalsmiths David Barnhill and David Huang as they take you on a visual journey documenting the making of a single Layered Resplendence vessel in their collaborative series. The talk will begin with Mr. Barnhill as he covers the fusing, forging, and patterning process known as Mokume Gane to create the patterned metal disk. Mr. Huang will then cover the raising, chasing, and finishing techniques he does to complete the work. It will be an exciting presentation showcasing the intricate steps of a collaborative piece from start to finish. Presented by Kirsten Muenster Projects


North Carolina and the Studio Glass Movement
2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room B

This lecture covers the seminal role of North Carolina artists and institutions in the Studio Glass Movement, beginning with Penland School of Craft's first glass studio in 1965 and ending with the Glass Art Society's 25th anniversary meeting in Asheville in 1995. Presented by Alysia Fischer, Curator, North Carolina and the Studio Glass Movement exhibit

Booth Talk with Brad Sells
2 - 3 pm | Blue Spiral 1, Booth A11

The Story Behind the Tree: Abstract vessels and forms by celebrated wood sculptor Brad Sells. Sells will discuss his influences, techniques, and sculptures created from exotic and domestic wood using a free-form carving technique. His process involves a number of tools including a chainsaw and straight and angled grinders. Sells lives and works in his hometown of Cookeville, TN, where he owns Bark Studio. He has been featured in the Tree Safari documentary series by award-winning filmmaker Todd Jarrell. His pieces are held in the collections of many national and regional museums and galleries, including the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA, and the Museum of Art & Design in New York City. Sells is represented by Blue Spiral 1 located in Asheville, NC.


The Space In-Between
3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room A

In her lecture Katja Toporski will discuss the metaphysical questions that from the backdrop to her work. Laser scans of far away comets, copies of prehistoric artifacts, and optical filters from smartphone touchscreens are just some of the ingredients she uses in her jewelry with which she addresses our perception and understanding of the world around us. Presented by Charon Kransen Arts


WOOD: 25 Years of Innovation
3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room B

In conjunction with SOFA Chicago’s 25th anniversary, Collectors of Wood Art (CWA) presents “WOOD: 25 Years of Innovation.” This panel will discuss the motivation behind this exhibition and consider the question: What is innovation, specifically innovation in wood art and studio furniture? Ideas of how the wood art field has grown and changed in the past 25 years as well as the context and future of medium specific exhibitions will be examined. Presented by Collectors of Wood Art 


Tesserae: The Language of Mosaic Art
4 - 5 pm | Lecture Room A

The language of mosaic has developed over nearly 5000 years, and has evolved into a contemporary art form in which the pieces are chosen, shaped, and organized to create new visual grammatical stories. Mosaic artists and Chicago Mosaic School Directors Karen Ami and Sue Giannotti present works of contemporary artists that tell stories through their specific and unique arrangements pieces and materials. Presented by Chicago Mosaic School


Risk Takers/Entrepreneurs who changed the landscape of the Studio Glass Movement
5 - 6 pm | Lecture Room A

What does an artist, gallery, glass factory, inventor, and distributor all have in common? Each spent a lifetime committed to their idea that contributed and changed the contemporary glass movement. Come listen as they share their "lightbulb moment" story that defined who they are. 
Eric Lovell/Uroboros Glass moderates storytelling with John Lewis Glass StudiosSandra Ainsley GallerySean Gildea/Oceanside GlassRon Shapiro/Digitry CoLeslie Silverman/D&L Art Glass SupplyMark Bolick/HIS Glassworks, and others. Presented by The Documenta Project 

SATURDAY, November 3


Mosaic Demo
Hourly | Society of American Mosaic Artists

Continuous mosaic demonstrations throughout the day


Artist Talk: Jim Rose, Featured at SOFA for 25 Years
Saturday | 4 pm | Gallery Victor Armendariz, Booth B9 

Jim Rose has been exhibiting his steel furniture at SOFA since it's first fair 25 years ago. His skillful interpretation of the Shaker design is a result of intense research and field study of Shaker furniture, architecture, culture and history.


Figures in Clay
11 am - 12 pm | Lecture Room A

Gerit Grimm was introduced to craft early in her childhood through her parents’ modest collection of affordable folk art, dolls and pottery—all being difficult to find. She especially admired her mom’s pottery collection and used to steal cookies from a jar that was as big as she was. When she was four years old, she broke her mom’s favorite vase. Dad rescued her from her wrath, but from that day, she was fated to become a potter. Presented by John Natsoulas Gallery


Protect Your Passion: The Evolution of Artwork from Artist to Collector to Insurer
11 am - 12 pm | Lecture Room B

Join this interesting conversation about following the life cycle of works art of art: from their conception with the artist, to being loved and acquired by collectors, to the insurer who understands both the emotional and aesthetic importance of these works to help them be properly insured and cared for. Hear from artists Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles, Chicago collectors Brian Westphal and Michael McVickerMichelle Impey, Fine Art & Collections Manager at Chubb Personal Risk Services, and moderated by Christopher R. Taylor, Executive Director of Pilchuck Glass School. Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Polman represented by Duane Reed Gallery. Sponsored by Chubb Personal Risk Services


Glass Demo
Daily Schedule | Corning Museum of Glass Hot Glass Road Show

Demo Schedule

11:00 am                 Laura Donefer  (Habatat Galleries)
1:00 pm                   CONNECT  
3:00 pm                   John Miller  (Hive Contemporary)
5:00 pm                   Rob Stern  (Hive Contemporary)


Spaces of Silence
12 - 1 pm | Lecture Room A

Working as an artist since 1983 and based in the Netherlands, Winnie Teschmacher will show her sources of inspiration and the way how her ideas develop, the people she works with, and what she wants to express with her work. Presented by Habatat Galleries


Art on Fire: Experimenting with Glass at the Museum of Glass Hot Shop
12 - 1 pm | Lecture Room B

This panel discussion, moderated by MOG’s Katie Buckingham, will feature a conversation with Hot Shop Director Benjamin Cobb and several of the Museum’s Visiting Artists. The panel will focus on the challenges, discoveries, and breakthroughs which occur in an Artist Residency program. MOG hopes to invite artists, who have both completed a residency at MOG, and are featured in SOFA’s 2018 program. Presented by the Museum of Glass


Woodturning Demo
Daily Schedule | Chicago Wood Turners

Demo Schedule

12:30 pm         John Beaver  (Kirsten Muenster Projects),
J. Paul Fennell  (Blue Rain Gallery), and Curt Theobald (Beatrice Wood)
1:45 pm           Jeanne Douphrate  (Alamo Woodturners)
3:00 pm           Rebecca DeGroot  (Gulf Coast Woodturners)
4:15 pm           Derek Weidman  (Adam Blaue Gallery)
5:30 pm           Marie Anderson  (Chicago Woodturners)


Women in Glass
1 - 2 pm | Lecture Room B

Three women, Susan Taylor GlasgowShelley Muzylowski-Allen, and Jen Blazina, will share how they became glass artists in environments that are traditionally male dominated, how being women affects how we work, and our personal journeys to gallery representation and SOFA. Moderated by Heather McElwee, Executive Director, The Pittsburgh Glass Center. Presented by Habatat Galleries and The Pittsburgh Glass Center


Using Evolutionary Theory to Create Revolutionary Spaces with Art
2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room A

Visual artist Adam Siegel has used concepts derived from evolutionary theory in more than 3000 successful interior art installations. His cutting-edge approach to elevating environments from tasteful to transcendent offers insights to collectors, curators, designers and those seeking a new approach to integrating art into their life. Presented by The Golden Triangle


Japanese Influence on My Glass Artwork
3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room A

In this lecture, Hiroshi Yamana will discuss his journey of living in the US for 5 years and how his Japanese Culture has influenced his work, and will describe his works between Western and Eastern Cultures. Presented by Habatat Galleries


Discipline, Skill, Method, Means and Deliberateness
3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room B

A panel discussion featuring artists associated with the Appalachian Center for Craft, part of the School of Art, Craft and Design at Tennessee Tech University. Moderated by Debra Ruzinsky, Director, Appalachian Center for Craft. Panelists: Wendy Maruyama, former faculty, Doug Jeck, former student, Daniel Randall, current faculty, and Kimberly Winkle, current faculty and Director of Tennessee Tech University’s School of Art, Craft and Design. Presented by the Appalachian Center for Craft


Modern Bamboo Craft Rooted in Tradition
4 - 5 pm | Lecture Room A

The elegant simplicity and dynamic spirit that characterized Korean Arts and Crafts. In this lecture, it is aimed to awake curiosity about Bamboo Craft, Chaesangjang, in Korea. Focusing on masterpieces of Sin-Jeong Seo, whom is the 53rd important cultural asset and master of Chaesangjang, bamboo case mater. Presented by Gallery LVS & Craft 

SUNDAY, November 4


Mosaic Demo
Hourly | Society of American Mosaic Artists

Continuous mosaic demonstrations throughout the day.

Booth Talk with Darren Emenau
1 - 2 pm | Studio 21 Fine Art, Booth B19

Darren Emenau is a contemporary ceramic artist from New Brunswick, Canada. He will speak about his sources of inspiration, how his ideas, forms, and surfaces have evolved since the beginning of his career in 1996, and how his obsession with experimentation propels him forward.


Glass Demo
Daily Schedule | Corning Museum of Glass Hot Glass Road Show

Demo Schedule

12:30 pm                   Travis Adams  (Hive Contemporary)
2:30 pm                     Dan Friday  (Blue Rain Gallery)
4:30 pm                     George Kennard  (CMoG)


Woodturning Demo
Daily Schedule | Chicago Wood Turners

Demo Schedule

12:30 pm            Jason Clark  (Windy City Woodturners)
1:45 pm              Jeanne Douphrate  (Alamo Woodturners)
3:00 pm              Jason Swanson  (Chicago Woodturners)
4:15 pm              Roberto Ferrer  (Chicago Woodturners)