Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics: Contemporary Virtuousos

Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics: Contemporary Virtuousos

Toyoharu Kii

Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics: Contemporary Virtuousos

The Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics presents a twofold exhibition, Contemporary Virtuosos and Variegation, showcasing poignant contemporary meditations in the once-ancient medium of mosaics.

Contemporary Virtuosos exhibits work from award-winning international mosaicists, displaying distinctive intonation. These artists are breaking ground conceptually and materially by exploring contemporary aesthetics, while using the ancient lineage of classical Greco-Roman and Byzantine technique. Variegation is a grid installation composed of singular works by twenty-one artists. Each work is an individual element that interfaces with the surrounding pieces in a larger conversation like tesserae within a mosaic.

GoCM’s artists represent a paradigm shift within the medium of mosaic, towards contemporary expression. 

Presented by the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics (GoCM), Chicago, Illinois; co-curated by Karen Ami, Founder and Executive Director, GoCM, and Oona D’mello, Art Admin Director, GoCM.





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