American Association of Woodturners: MATERIAL EVIDENCE

American Association of Woodturners: MATERIAL EVIDENCE

Christian Burchard

American Association of Woodturners: MATERIAL EVIDENCE

As a once living and growing substance, wood is a dynamic material that commands partnership: it visibly carries its relationship to the earth, to growth and to time within its material character. MATERIAL EVIDENCE features work by studio turners in which wood is worked to reveal, expose, or enhance its organic origins and properties.

Although the work showcased varies greatly in form and objective, each artist in the exhibition works intentionally with the unique properties and challenges of wood, showing passion for its materiality, and creating work that is a direct expression of a shared relationship between maker and material. The works may also reflect the “evidence” of other actors: the tools, the perceptions, or the experiences of the makers.

Taken as a whole, MATERIAL EVIDENCE provides a view of contemporary woodturning similar to that revealed by the study of a tree’s growth rings (dendrochronology), which provides information not just on the life of an individual tree, but on the forest, the atmosphere and the surrounding environment. As an organization, the AAW has had a profound influence on the ‘environment’ of wood art, playing a key role in the growth and evolution of the field, providing not just information on the lathe, but bringing together a group of people with diverse abilities and interests, and nurturing their growth through exhibitions, education, symposia and fellowship.

Presented by the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), St. Paul, Minnesota; curated by Tib Shaw, Curator, AAW.





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