SOFA CHICAGO Essay Archive

SOFA CHICAGO Essay Archive

2016 Essays

by Arne R. Flaten PhD and Davira S. Taragin


2015 Essays

2015 Essay | The Mindful Making of Tea by Anderson Ranch Arts Center

2015 Essay | Appropriate Technologies by Abigail Satinsky

2015 Essay | Rural Studios: 22 Years of Designing and Building in West Alabama 
by Andrew Freear and Xavier Vendrell

2015 Essay | Not Your Grandmother’s Mosaic: Modern Mosaic Art in the United States by Gwyn Kaitis

2015 Essay | Marvin Lipofsky: An Appreciation by James Yood

2015 Essay | Contemporary Wood Art & The Shock of the Timeless by Kevin Wallace

2014 Essays

2014 Essay | Anderson Ranch: Mentoring Excellence by Doug Casebeer

2014 Essay | Comfort Me presented by Cranbrook Academy of Art

2014 Essay | Building Bridges with Glass at the Pittsburgh Glass Center by Savannah Schroll Guz

2013 Essays

2012 Essay | Gothic Jewelry: Sinister Pleasures by Valerie Steele

2011 Essays

2011 Essay | A to Z Guide to European Jewelry by Damian Skinner

2011 Essay | AAW@25: Turning International by Kevin Wallace

2003 Essays

2003 Essay | Artists on the Map by Gregory Knight

2003 Essay | California College of Art and Design: Craft's Intersection with Art, Architecture, and Design by Michael S. Roth

2003 Essay | Contemporary Crafts in Britain by Dr. Louise Taylor

2003 Essay | Enamel: A Current Perspective by Gretchen Goss and Maria Phillips

2003 Essay | Facing Reality: An Outline of Contemporary Danish Craft by Louise Mazanti

2003 Essay | Innovation and Influences: AIDA - Association of Israel's Decorative Arts by Charles Bronfman, on behalf of the AIDA Committee

2003 Essay | Making Our Mark by Gillian Davis

2003 Essay | NCECA Emerging Arts 1996-2000 by Aurore Chabot

2003 Essay | Richard DeVore: Bodylandscapes by Janet Koplos

2003 Essay | The Clay Studio: Education, Innovation, Celebration by Gail M. Brown

2003 Essay | William Daley: Staying in Motion by Edward Lebow





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