Zoomable World/ Misbehaved Tectonics

Zoomable World/ Misbehaved Tectonics

University of Cincinnati | School of Architecture and Interior Design

5470 Aronoff Center
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Mara Marcu, Assitant Professor, LEED AP | UC SAID; Ming Tang, Assistant Professor, AIA, LEED AP | UC SAID/School of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Cincinnati

Team Members

Zoomable World/ Misbehaved Tectonics

CONNECT 2016 - University of Cincinnati CONNECT 2016 - University of Cincinnati
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One of the most widespread theoretical techniques, thirding follows the dialectical formula of thesis - anti-thesis - synthesis. It can be described as follows: a binary opposition is formulated, each with advantages and disadvantages, and then a third term is invented to combine the advantages and avoid the disadvantages of both. Zoomable World /Misbehaved Tectonics proposes through a highly iterative fabrication process a reinvention of classical tectonic systems that begins to highlight the characteristics of a new striking formal and conceptual repertoire.

Departing from the categorization set forth by Farshid Moussavi in her book titled “The Function of Form”, various structural systems were physically and digitally modeled, while engaging different media with their implicit ways of making. They include textile architecture, casting/hybrid analogs, 3d printing, vacuum forming, paper folding, and CNC routing. Students were asked to speculate on how various ways of constructing mutate the chosen precedent. Following this process, the students were asked to synthesize the two parts of the semester and present at the final review a possible resolution to the zoomable world/ misbehaved tectonics dichotomy. The outcome of this intensive methodology elicited various compelling propositions.

The SOFA Exhibit is a proposed installation that curates and expands on this student work produced at the University of Cincinnati School of Architecture and Interior Design. The installation has three components. One constitutes white 6” by 6” artifacts (in the form of 3d printed models, spray painted CNC high-density polyurethane models, textile artifacts, and paper models) resulted from the second year undergraduate studios at SAID coordinated by Mara Marcu. These artifacts expand on the notion of tectonics and structure in architecture and collectively create a catalog of “misbehaved” tectonic possibilities. The second part of the installation consists of several prototypes of some misbehaved tectonic systems. These are polypropylene installations that act as a backdrop for the indexing of small models, expanding on the folded plate structural system, which is adapted to the exhibition space. The prototypes mask the lighting integration for the artifacts displayed. Several hologram digital models, developed on site, will create a mixed reality of physical and virtually animated forms. 


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