Futuristic Summer Nostalgia

Futuristic Summer Nostalgia

Columbus College of Art & Design | MFA in Visual Arts: New Projects

60 Cleveland Ave
Columbus, OH 43215

Molly J. Burke and John Cairns

Team Members
Yajim Amadu
Katie B Funk
Amanda Finkel
Young-Mi Lee
Yae Reem Lee
Hannah Watters

Zane Miller (alumnus)
Nate Gorgen (alumnus)

Futuristic Summer Nostalgia

CONNECT 2017 - Columbus College of Art & Design CONNECT 2017 - Columbus College of Art & Design
(2155 KB),  22-Aug-2017 04:03 PM

What Happens When the Beaches Are Gone?

With global warming and imminent climate change on the horizon ‘beaches’ as we know them will shift, transform and may disappear entirely. As a group, we are proposing the concept of a futuristic beach environment, centering around an apocalyptic, pseudo-nostalgia set in a future where beaches no longer exist. We want the seating area to be inviting, engaging and energizing overall, but with an emphasis that participants might consider how radically different this type of environment will become. Additional elements will be used throughout the installation to influence memory and incite the sensation of both summer and the outdoors, all while housed within an interior space.

Although our concept is on the serious side, throughout the prototyping process the conversation has turned more frequently to the fun and absurd (maybe summer nostalgia coming out?). We have also focused on the challenge of utilizing materials that already exist and are a part of the ‘beach scene’ to help narrow the range of materials that we could use.

We have divided into two groups with one faculty member leading each group: 

A Team: building and prototyping seating and back drop, main focus is to create objects that also can compress down in size for easy transportation. Luckily, we realized that most items that go to the beach are focused on folding, shrinking, inflating, deflating, etc.  

B Team: lighting, sound, interactive elements, focus on testing all technology, working with pressure sensitive sheeting that will be built into the seating elements of the display to light up and engage with the participants/audience.

Our hope continues to be that the final installation will engage with viewers on multiple levels, a little bit of humor, nostalgia, quirkiness, and absurdity will keep people there a little longer so that they might also ponder how ‘summer fun’ might continue to evolve in the future.

The process of planning a project such as this has been an amazing opportunity for the students, it has opened dialog about budget planning, how to obtain resources and what it is like to work together as a team and collaborate. We are excited to meet the challenge of the project, and plan to stick as close to our initial proposal as much as possible; but to continue with the summer theme – it’s important to go with the flow.


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