Floating House

Floating House

Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI

735 W New York St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Lesley Baker, Katie Hudnall, Chaz Martinsen and Cory Robinson

Team Members
Emily Casella
Timothy Faris
Andrea Jandernoa
Elizabeth Jorgensen
Michael Osheroff
Tiffany Pierce
Leslie Sorenson
Kylee Williams

Floating House

CONNECT 2017 - Herron School of Art & Design CONNECT 2017 - Herron School of Art & Design
(222 KB),  22-Aug-2017 04:09 PM

It is in our CONNECT 2017 proposal, to focus on how the traditions of craft and material studies have been augmented, enhanced and informed by the use of digital technology. By using similar software and digital prototyping processes to solve problems; artists, designers, and craftspeople are speaking a similar language to develop new form. They are also pioneering new ways to embed these advanced manufacturing techniques inside of the traditions of art, design and craft. The overt aesthetic of software designed and produced art objects has been explored at great length in the early part of the 21st century. Terms have emerged like the “digitally handmade” and “craft / facturing” to describe how artists, artisan and designers use these technologies in ways that build and develop into skill sets, like those associated with other craft media.

The development of our final booth space will closely mirror how the Herron School of Art and Design itself has moved forward in embracing digital technologies. The students and faculty have quickly embraced the tools and processes now associated with Herron’s Think It Make It lab that includes CNC milling, Laser engraving, 3D printing (using multiple resins and clay slip), CNC plasma cutting and design software. These advances have been made while being sensitive to the traditions found inside of a particular studio area or a faculty research practice. In turn, the development of a digital skillset for the faculty and student body has felt more like learning a new craft discipline over the last decade; rather than learning a new vocational process for production.

Our booth will display a nuanced aesthetic related to how craft and technology blend. We will not be promoting designs that blatantly look technology driven. The team will use faculty expertise to guide students through the processes of designing seating, lighting and other objects that synthesize digital prototyping and craft. The students involved in this booth development, represent an interdisciplinary group from our 1st year graduate level cohort, undergraduates from various discipline areas and faculty from our “craft” media studio programs of Ceramics and Furniture Design.

Herron School of Art and Design and Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis have made a strong commitment in exploring the intersections of art, design and technology. This project hopes to blend some of the highlights we have made as a fine arts department to bring new ideas and technology together in pursuit of the values associated with good craft, art and design.


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