SOFA CHICAGO 2017 Booth Events

SOFA CHICAGO 2017 Booth Events

Access to the SOFA CHICAGO Lecture Series is included with fair admission. Lecture Series rooms A, B and C are on the show floor on the east end of Festival Hall. 

FRIDAY, November 3


Michael Boroniec, represented by Lyons Wier Gallery

Spatial Spirals: The Alternative Vessel

11 - 12 pm | Lyons Wier Gallery, Booth #1001

Meet artist Michael Boroniec while he discusses his philosophy on sculptural ceramics. In this talk, Boroniec will uncover the spatial relationship of negative space and form. He will also consider the tension between sculptural objects and functional art in his practice.

Michael Schunke, represented by Rebecca Myers Collection

Michael Schunke: The Glass Goblet, Refined

11 - 12 pm | Rebecca Myers Collection, Booth #320

American artist and designer, Michael Schunke, has dedicated over 25 years to the exploration and refinement of the glass goblet form. Critical of his craft, Schunke challenges the archetype and pursues the evolution of form and composition through practice, detachment and refinement. In addition to his process, Schunke will speak to his departure from traditional Venetian styles and the visual language he employs to offer a new way of seeing "parts of the whole."

Peter Schmid, represented by Aaron Faber Gallery

Peter Schmid: Collaborative Jewelry Projects

12 - 1 pm | Aaron Faber Gallery, Booth #1121

Jewelry artist, Peter Schmid will discuss creative energy from community partners. He will consider how his jewelry is influenced by social concerns and artist partners that range from the “Nektar” collection to Peter Lenk and beyond.

Betty Scarpino, represented by Kirsten Muenster Projects

Carving Relationships into Wood Sculpture

1 - 2 pm | Kirsten Muenster Projects, Booth #502

Wood artist Betty Scarpino will breakdown the abstract, metaphorical meanings embedded in her wood sculptures.

Sonia Delaunay, courtesy of Travelogues Fine Art Consulting

Sonia Delaunay and Madeline North: Two Producers

1 - 2 pm | Video Lounge

Filmmaker and producer Madeline North will reflect on what she discovered producing a film about Sonia Delauney, a 20th century artist and fashion designer who established her career in a male-dominated field.

David Barnett, represented by George Billis Gallery

Blurring the Boundaries Between Man and Machine

1 - 2 pm | George Billis Gallery, Booth #405

Artist David Barnett will discuss the age-old struggle between nature and the man-made industrial world. He will question whether we are losing our personal identity because of our dependence on technology.

Karen Bexfield, represented by Winterowd Fine Art

Particulate to Solid: Kiln-formed Glass

1:30 - 2:30 pm | Winterowd Fine Art, Booth #1000

Award winning kiln-formed glass sculptor Karen Bexfield will discuss the contrasts that inspire the art she creates: organic vs. structural, solid vs. void, opaque vs. transparent and the transition from particulate to solid.

Bahram Shabahang, represented by Orley Shabahang

Weaving Communities Through Design

2 - 3 pm | Orley Shabahang, Booth #621

Making Orley Shabahang carpets is hewn closely to the artisan traditions that originally made Persian carpets so exceptional. Bahram Shabahang will discuss building careers and livelihoods for the artisans crafting the carpets, and their families. To create fine design while working directly with artisans does not require sacrificing quality, instead we can and should use our power as artists and innovators to lift people and communities.

Chuck Springer, represented by Casterline|Goodman Projects

The Art of the Car

2 - 3 pm | Casterline|Goodman Projects, Booth #823

Artist Chuck Springer’s passion for vintage cars began when he was a young boy riding alongside his grandfather and father while they were working on their side business, hauling salvaged cars. Channeling this experience, today his work focuses on taking pieces from un-restorable, salvaged vehicles and transforming it to create a new story. Springer will discuss his current journey to unearth these one-of-a-kind road worn works of art.

Glass: Material Affiliation

2:30 - 3 pm | Ball State University, Booth #SE1603

While many of today’s artists still utilize glass to create aesthetically beautiful statements, faculty at Ball State University’s Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass see it as a vehicle to address contemporary issues. Their in-booth event will demonstrate that whether they combine glass with other materials or investigate traditional glassmaking processes, their goal is the message.

*Private Event - AACG members only

Janis Kerman, represented by Option Art

Book Signing | Reminiscence: A 45 Year Journey in the World of Contemporary Jewelry

3 - 4 pm | Option Art, Booth #605

Jewelry artist Janis Kerman will sign copies of her book, Reminiscence: A 45 Year Journey in the World of Contemporary Jewelry. This signing is following a lecture about the book on Friday, November 3 at 2:00PM in Lecture Room A.

Roland Kulla, represented by George Billis Gallery

Roland Kulla: Making 2D Look Like 3D

3 - 4 pm | George Billis Gallery, Booth #405

Chicago artist Roland Kulla will discuss the painting process and technique he employs to create photorealist bridge paintings.

Jessica Calderwood: Working Through Material

3 - 3:30 pm | Ball State University, Booth #SE1603

Jessica Calderwood, who is beginning her second year as head of jewelry and metalsmithing at Ball State University’s School of Art in Muncie, Indiana, will talk about how her autobiographically based jewelry and sculptural compositions always start with metal; she then incorporates other craft-related materials such as porcelain, enamel, and fiber to reference historical antecedents.

*Private Event - SNAG members only

"Inhalation in Time, A Life of Exhalation" by Sung-won Park, represented by Gallery Sklo

Book Signing | Inhalation in Time, A Life of Exhalation

4 - 5 pm | Gallery Sklo, Booth #820

Artist Sung-won Park will sign copies of Inhalation in Time, A Life of Exhalation, a catalog published as part of Park’s solo exhibition at POSCO Art Museum in Seoul, Korea. The exhibition was from August 9 to September 5, 2017.

"Old Tracks" by Bertrand Secret represented by Collection Ateliers d'Art De France

Book Signing | Old Tracks

6 - 7 pm | Collection Ateliers d’Art De France, Booth #803

Artist Bertrand Secret will sign copies of his limited-edition artist book, Old Tracks.

SATURDAY, November 4


Robert Farrell, represented by Rebecca Myers Collection

Robert Farrell: Visual Landmarks

11 - 12 pm | Rebecca Myers Collection, Booth #320

After 25 years of creating functional objects from sterling silver, artist Robert Farrell's latest body of work turns away from function to explore disappearing visual landmarks & our emotional responses to them. Farrell will discuss his transition from functional to sculptural work, why his search for peace has lead him to this imagery, and the relevance of objects created by the human hand. His work is held in the collection of the Renwick Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and more.

Christian Burchard, represented by Kirsten Muenster Projects

Form and Structure

11:15 - 12:15 pm | Kirsten Muenster Projects, Booth #502

Artist Christian Burchard will discuss his aesthetic and processes, which transforms the roots, trunks and burls of Pacific Madrone wood into wall pieces and free standing sculptural objects. Through bleaching he removes one element–color–to focus on the beauty of the form and structure.

Ali Cavanaugh, represented by Travelogues Fine Art Consulting

Ali Cavanaugh: From Pop Art to Modern Frescoes

12 - 1 pm | Travelogues Fine Art Consulting, Booth #501

Figurative painter Ali Cavanaugh will explore her journey from Pop Art to a love of fresco painting, which has led her to reimagine the two-thousand-year-old medium.

Ken Botolozzo, represented by George Billis Gallery

Kinetic Sculpture: Art and Movement

12 - 1 pm | Sculpture Garden

Artist Ken Bortolazzo will speak on his kinetic stainless steel sculptures and his works as fabricator for the father of kinetic sculptor George Rickey.

Presented by George Billis Gallery

Michael Boyd, represented by Aaron Faber Gallery

Michael Boyd: Studio Jewelry

12 - 1 pm | Aaron Faber Gallery, Booth #1121

Jewelry artist Michael Boyd will discuss living by hand, cutting gemstones, forging metal and teaching others.

"Moving Sam Maloof" author Anna Kovara, presented by Schiffer Publishing

Book Signing | Moving Sam Maloof: Saving an American Woodworking Legend’s Homes & Workshops

1 - 2 pm | Schiffer Publishing, Partner Pavilion

In this first-person account, author of Moving Sam Maloof and the Maloof Relocation Project Manager Ann Kovara brings to life the emotional story of woodworking icon and living American treasure - Sam Maloof. Kovara will focus on the struggle to save Maloof’s world during the move and subsequent reassembly of his historic family compound by the government. The talk will be followed by a book signing of Moving Sam Maloof.

Mariko Paterson, represented by Studio 21 Fine Art

Historical/Hysterical: Digesting the Past and Present Through Sculptural Ceramic Pursuits

1 - 2 pm | Studio 21 Fine Art, Booth #602

Atlantic Canada-based artist Mariko Paterson uses historical ceramics as a springboard to explore contemporary subject matter. Identifiable forms serve as foundations for subversive narratives pondering life, love and the pursuit of sanity. Whilst hectic and chaotic, her works pay homage to the past while shamelessly arm wrestling with the future.

Pascal Oudet, represented by Kirsten Muenster Projects

Reading Through Wood

2 - 3 pm | Kirsten Muenster Projects, Booth #502

Artist Pascal Oudet will discuss the materials, inspiration and process for creating his unique lace-like wood vessels. In these pieces, transparency emphasizes the inner structure of the material and reveals the history of a tree.

James Jones, represented by Travelogues Fine Art Consulting

Astral Planes: The Transformation of a Body of Work from 2D to 3D

2 - 3 pm | Travelogues Fine Art Consulting, Booth #501

Artist James Jones will discuss the evolution of his two-dimensional painting practice into three dimensional, metallic sculptures.

Marietta Patricia Leis, represented by Michael Warren Contemporary

Reductivism: Color + Form

2 - 3 pm | Michael Warren Contemporary | Booth # 510

Artist Marietta Patricia Leis, details her journey from energetic, gestural abstraction toward reductivism. Leis uses each color story to share her experience of travel. She invites viewers to relate to the work by tapping into their own memories and relationships to color.

Gina Stick, represented by Studio 21 Fine Art

In Praise of Non-Conceptual Art

4 - 5 pm | Studio 21 Fine Art, Booth # 602

The intent of artist Gina Stick’s work is to produce non-conceptual, perceptual art. Art with power to provoke direct immediate openness and deluge the thinking mind.

Lino Tagliapietra, represented by Schantz Galleries

Meet the Maestro: Lino Tagliapietra

5 - 6 pm | Schantz Galleries, Booth #620

Join us for a prosecco reception with Venetian glass artist, Lino Tagliapietra.

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