2016 Special Exhibits

2016 Special Exhibits

Christian Burchard

American Association of Woodturners: MATERIAL EVIDENCE

As a once living and growing substance, wood is a dynamic material that commands partnership: it visibly carries its relationship to the earth, to growth and to time within its material character. MATERIAL EVIDENCE features work by studio turners in which wood is worked to reveal, expose, or enhance its organic origins and properties.

Although the work showcased varies greatly in form and objective, each artist in the exhibition works intentionally with the unique properties and challenges of wood, showing passion for its materiality, and creating work that is a direct expression of a shared relationship between maker and material. The works may also reflect the “evidence” of other actors: the tools, the perceptions, or the experiences of the makers.

Taken as a whole, MATERIAL EVIDENCE provides a view of contemporary woodturning similar to that revealed by the study of a tree’s growth rings (dendrochronology), which provides information not just on the life of an individual tree, but on the forest, the atmosphere and the surrounding environment. As an organization, the AAW has had a profound influence on the ‘environment’ of wood art, playing a key role in the growth and evolution of the field, providing not just information on the lathe, but bringing together a group of people with diverse abilities and interests, and nurturing their growth through exhibitions, education, symposia and fellowship.

Presented by the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), St. Paul, Minnesota; curated by Tib Shaw, Curator, AAW.


Jessica Calderwood

Ball State University School of Art: Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration

While artists have collaborated for centuries, nontraditional materials and processes introduced since mid-century have dramatically expanded the collaborative options. Possibilities range from simple dialogues to “hired guns” executing the idea of an artist unfamiliar with a particular material; they can include two artists functioning as a single entity by assuming diverse roles in executing a shared concept. In Ball State University’s SOFA presentation, Ball State University School of Art: Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration, 3-D faculty members will demonstrate how collaboration informs their practices as they mentor undergraduate and graduate students in the identification of materials and processes that best empower them.  

Presented by the School of Art, College of Fine Arts, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana; curated by Davira S. Taragin, independent curator.


Toyoharu Kii

Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics: Contemporary Virtuousos

The Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics presents a twofold exhibition, Contemporary Virtuosos and Variegation, showcasing poignant contemporary meditations in the once-ancient medium of mosaics.

Contemporary Virtuosos exhibits work from award-winning international mosaicists, displaying distinctive intonation. These artists are breaking ground conceptually and materially by exploring contemporary aesthetics, while using the ancient lineage of classical Greco-Roman and Byzantine technique. Variegation is a grid installation composed of singular works by twenty-one artists. Each work is an individual element that interfaces with the surrounding pieces in a larger conversation like tesserae within a mosaic.

GoCM’s artists represent a paradigm shift within the medium of mosaic, towards contemporary expression. 

Presented by the Gallery of Contemporary Mosaics (GoCM), Chicago, Illinois; co-curated by Karen Ami, Founder and Executive Director, GoCM, and Oona D’mello, Art Admin Director, GoCM.


Sonia Delaunay, courtesy of Travelogues Fine Art Consulting

Film Screening: Sonia

Sonia, by filmmaker and producer Madeline North, will be screening continuously in the Video Lounge. This short film uncovers the life of artist and designer Sonia Delaunay, who established her career in a male-dominated field.

Madeline North will present a talk on the film in the Video Lounge on Friday, November 3 from 1 – 2 pm. 

Presented by Travelogues Fine Art Consulting

Caroline Borucki

MFA Applied Craft + Design: Thinking Through Making

Encouraging a cross-disciplinary studio environment in which the workshop is a lab to collaboratively explore design and making processes, the mentor-based MFA Applied Craft + Design Program welcomes students from a wide range of creative backgrounds to make original work with an applied purpose. Connecting design thinking to design doing, Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art have collaborated to create a unique MFA Program grounded in hands-on making, entrepreneurial strategies, and social and environmental engagement.

With a curriculum focused on the development of a strong artistic voice, the realization of work for a specific community or client, and entrepreneurism that connects making a living with making a difference, the MFA in Applied Craft and Design is the only graduate program of its kind. Thinking Through Making showcases a few of the characteristics that make this graduate program truly distinct: its Design Build Intensive, the mentor/student relationship, Creative Entrepreneurship, material exploration with wild abandon and the hybrid potential of a studio practice.

Presented by MFA Applied Craft + Design (Oregon College of Art and Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon; curated by Heidi Schwegler, Chair, MFA Applied Craft + Design (OCAC/PNCA).


Jason Forck (back) & assistant blowing glass shards while Seth Clark (left) observes

Pittsburgh Glass Center: Dissolution

Dissolution, is a collaborative exhibition by Pittsburgh artists Seth Clark and Jason Forck. The two artists came together through a mutual interest in Americana landscape and the concept of abstraction through decay. Dissolution describes their work formally in terms of architecture in collapse, but it also describes their collaboration in terms of disassembling ideas and then bringing them back together. The two artists are breaking down each other’s ideas and reforming them into one cohesive form. Dissolution, supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, is a result of a one-year Idea Furnace residency at Pittsburgh Glass Center that pairs glass and non-glass artists for explorations in material, content, and process.

Presented by the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; curated by Heather McElwee, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Glass Center.


Select works from the International Museum of Dinnerware Design

The International Museum of Dinnerware Design: Timeless Dinnerware Design

The International Museum of Dinnerware Design in Ann Arbor, Michigan, celebrates a significant aspect of our daily lives through its collections, exhibitions and educational programming, which provide a window on the multitude of cultural and societal attitudes toward food and dining and commemorates the objects which exalt and venerate the dining experience.

Timeless Dinnerware Design, a special exhibition for SOFA Chicago 2017, focuses on dinnerware created since the 1930s; each object or set, a masterpiece in dinnerware design that has proven to be lasting, classical and eternal and exudes timelessness in its presentation – work that captures our imagination whether it is futuristic, nostalgic, or of the moment. Curated from the permanent collection, the exhibition is a sample visual exploration of dinnerware designed during the last 100 years. Some were intended to adorn our fine tabletops for all eternity, and other were created to be less permanent, despite attractive qualities and design success and accolades galore.

Presented by the International Museum of Dinnerware Design, Ann Arbor, Michigan; curated by Margaret Carney, Ph.D., Director of The International Museum of Dinnerware Design.


Select works by Mary Van Cline

THE DOCUMENTA PROJECT: Building an Archival Collection of the Contemporary Glass Movement

Within the Contemporary Glass Movement, there is passionate support to capture the spirit and character of the unique quality of the people who enabled and contributed to our community with a collection of archival portraits. By photographing them using life size images, their gestures and presence will be preserved on large format B&W film, and high-resolution color digital files.

Mary Van Cline has been known for her artwork combining photography and glass since 1978. Using her Hasselblad film camera, she has traveled the world capturing images enveloping the human spirit. She now turns to portraiture to document the many people she has known and respected over the decades.

Presented by photographer Mary Van Cline

Sculpture Gallery, The Richard H. Driehaus Museum
Photo: Alexander Vertikoff, 2011

The Richard H. Driehaus Museum

The Driehaus Museum’s SOFA exhibition will provide visitors information on how to experience one of Chicago’s hidden gems. Steps away from Chicago's Magnificent Mile, the Driehaus Museum offers visitors a fascinating view of one of the few remaining examples of the palatial homes erected by the wealthy of America's Gilded Age.

The Driehaus Museum is a premier example of historic preservation, offering visitors an opportunity to experience through its architecture, interiors, collection, programs, and exhibitions how the prevailing design philosophies of the period were interpreted by artists, architects, and designers at the waning of the 19th-century and the dawn of the 20th century.

Today the galleries feature surviving furnishings paired with elegant, historically-appropriate decorative artworks, including important pieces by such celebrated designers as George A. Schastey and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Presented by The Richard H. Driehaus Museum

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