SOFA CHICAGO 2016 Lectures and Events

SOFA CHICAGO 2016 Lectures and Events

Access to the SOFA CHICAGO Lecture Series is included with fair admission.  Lecture Series rooms are on the show floor on the east end of Festival Hall. 

FRIDAY, November 3


Anne-Sophie Vallée, presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

SNAG Emerging Artists 2017

8:30 - 9:30 am | Lecture Room A

Three exceptional emerging artists, Kat Cole, Motoko Furuhashi and Anne-Sophie Vallée, will each speak about the development of the innovative jewelry they create.

Presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Wendy McAllister, presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Genesis: Life and Form Through Different Lenses

9:30 - 10:30 am | Lecture Room A

Jewelry artists Ezra Satok-Wolman and Wendy McAllister will each present a lecture about their work and collaborative exhibition project Genesis: Life and Form Through Different Lenses. From a simple flower to complex fractals, the lectures will explore how both artists draw inspiration from the geometry of the natural world, and the vastly different ways in which they interpret it. 
Presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

CAST: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process by Jen Townsend and Renèe Zettle-Sterling

CAST: A New Book and the SOFA Artists It Features

10:30 - 11:30 am | Lecture Room A

CAST: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process by Jen Townsend and Renèe Zettle-Sterling is a new book that shines a light on the under-appreciated art of casting from the Bronze Age until today. This lecture will focus on SOFA artists who are featured in the book and who use casting in a variety of ways with incredible and varied outcomes. There will be a book signing with the authors following the lecture, as well as a free book give away.

Presented by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Davide Salvadore, represented by Habatat Galleries

In Conversation: Davide Salvadore and Peter Bremers, Artists in Transition

11 - 12 pm | Lecture Room B

Artists Davide Salvadore and Peter Bremers will discuss how very different backgrounds led them to glass as an expressive material for art. The significant issue for each mid-career artist is exploring, experimenting and innovating to move forward. Ferdinand Hampson, founder of Habatat Galleries, will deftly query each artist to discuss the challenges encountered at their individual crossroads. 

Presented by Habatat Galleries

Dan Dailey, represented by Hawk Galleries

Something New, Again

12 - 1 pm | Lecture Room A

Artist Dan Dailey will discuss the curiosity which has caused him to change his work constantly for 50 years, and led to the making of more than 3000 things. Beginning with drawings to realize his thoughts, his development of an “industrial palette” with glass and metal resulted in increasingly complex works. Dailey has pursued meaningful communication with expressive murals, sculpture and functional art. 

Sponsored by Hawk Galleries

Philip Baldwin, represented by Bender Gallery

Philip Baldwin: The Journey is the Destination

12 - 1 pm | Lecture Room C

Blowing glass and making art in the 20th and 21st centuries: survival, disaster and a whole lot of fun in between. Artist Philip Baldwin will recount some of the ups and downs in getting from there to here with his long-time collaborator Monica Guggisberg. 
Presented by Bender Gallery

MFA Applied Craft + Design's Eric Adjetey Anang mentoring Lauren Sinner

Learning is Doing

1 - 2 pm | Lecture Room B

Mentoring, a relationship focused on the development of skill and self, has become more prevalent and pertinent in the academic world of art and design. Designed to ease the transition from student to practitioner it can be utilized to refine skill, expand practical knowledge and promote real world experience with a practicing professional. This panel will discuss the benefits and potential challenges of mentoring in academia and look at community engagement as an alternative form of continuing education. Moderated by Amy Santoferraro, Program Manager, MFA Applied Craft + Design (OCAC/PNCA). 

Presented by the MFA Applied Craft + Design (OCAC/PNCA) in conjunction with the SOFA CHICAGO Special Exhibit “MFA Applied Craft + Design: Thinking Through Making”

M. Bentzen, L. Kristensen, N. Backhaus and A. Brown, represented by Galleri Gronlund

Viking Ships: Glass and Wood

1 - 2 pm | Lecture Room C

Artists Andrew Jason Brown and Mette Bentzen will discuss the unique collaboration that merges crafts, workshops, nationalities, and histories in the making of wooden and glass Viking ships. Cabinet makers Mette Bentzen (DK) and Lasse Kristensen (DK) and glass artists Nanna Backhaus (DK) and Andrew Jason Brown (UK) combine their skills to produce these unique pieces. Their workshops are at the harbor in Hundested, Denmark, where Viking ships passed through. 

Presented by Galleri Gronlund

Janis Kerman, represented by Option Art and Galerie Noel Guyomarc'h

Reminiscence: A 45 Year Journey in the World of Contemporary Jewelry

2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room A

Jewelry artist Janis Kerman will discuss her journey through the contemporary jewelry world. Kerman’s work is based on geometric shapes – their inherent strength, applicability, and timelessness. Following the lecture will be a signing of her recent book, Reminiscence: A 45 Year Journey in the World of Contemporary Jewelry at the Option Art booth.
Presented by Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h and Option Art

Hayley Smith, presented by the American Association of Woodturners

Turning a Full Circle

2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room B

From its inception as an artist led organization, the American Association of Woodturners has been dedicated to the open sharing, collaboration and communication of ideas, techniques, and opportunities. In this panel, moderator Gwynne Rukenbrod, Executive Director of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, will bring her experience with craft organizations to a discussion of how the AAW’s uniquely broad spectrum approach to membership has cultivated new talent and sparked creativity, as well as played a role in rapid advances in techniques and technology. 

Presented by the American Association of Woodturners in conjunction with the SOFA CHICAGO Special Exhibit “MATERIAL EVIDENCE”

Laura Donefer, represented by Habatat Galleries

A Life in Glass

2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room C

A conversation moderated by James Baker, Executive Director of Pilchuck Glass School. Artists Nadège Desgenétez and Laura Donefer will discuss the development of their lives as artists, the ways they work, the ideas that inspire them, and the new directions they are exploring in their work. 

Artists represented in order of listing: Heller Gallery, New York, NY, Habatat Galleries, Royal Oak, MI

David Huang, represented by Kirsten Muenster Projects

Luminous Vessels: An Ongoing Exploration of Form, Design and Color

3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room A

In this lecture, artist David Huang will consider his exploration of form, design and patina as his body of work has developed over the years. Huang’s metal vessels showcase skilled craftsmanship and explore the physicality of the material world. 

Presented by Kirsten Muenster Projects

Steffen Dam and Micha Karlslund, represented by Heller Gallery

Individual Voices, Shared Vision: Micha Karlslund and Steffen Dam

3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room C

Susie Silbert, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass will be in conversation with artist Micha Karlslund. They will discuss Karlslund’s work and a recent, ongoing collaboration between herself and her husband, Steffen Dam. At the center of Dam and Karlslund’s joint body of work is the concept of images as a universal form of communication.

Presented by Heller Gallery

Mark Rothko (National Gallery of Canada) Photo: Ivan Markovic

Resounding Silence: The Power of Nonverbal Communication

4 - 5 pm | Lecture Room A

In a world characterized by distractions, be it the persistent chiming of cellular phones, ubiquitous advertising campaigns and often loud and fast paced city centers, we risk losing our ability to be silent. Artist Ivan Markovic will discuss the importance of art today, as it provides a solace from the vast noise we live in. And allows us to reconnect with a deeper and more vital level of consciousness.

Presented by Option Art

Pittsburgh Glass Center's Jason Forck and Seth Clark

Two Artists Deconstructed Ideas Build a New Landscape

4 - 5 pm | Lecture Room B

Moderated by the Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Heather McElwee, this panel will bring together print artist Seth Clark and glass artist Jason Forck to speak about the value of cross collaboration while working toward the SOFA Special Exhibition, Dissolution. Their collaboration began in the Idea Furnace residency program, which provides access to glass for material exploration. They’ll discuss what was revealed through exploring a new material and working jointly with a partner who started with a disparate knowledge. 
Presented by the Pittsburgh Glass Center in conjunction with the SOFA CHICAGO Special Exhibit “Dissolution”

John Littleton and Kate Vogel, presented by the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

Leaving a Legacy: Contemporary Glass Bequests and Museums

5 - 6 pm | Lecture Room B

This panel discussion will examine the options explored by collectors to donate works to museums and their impact, as well as the roles and concerns of non-profit organizations in accepting collections. Panelists include Jan Mirenda Smith, Executive Director of Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, Dr. William Ganis, Chair, Department of Art and Design at Indiana State University; James Yood, Associate Professor of New Arts Journalism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and Dr. Jutta-Annette Page, Executive Director of the Old Dominion University Museum Foundation. The panel is moderated by Attorney Roy Fine, a specialist in business transactions and estate planning and servers on the Board of Directors of Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass. Presented by Habatat Gallery and the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass.

Presented by Habatat Gallery and Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

SATURDAY, November 4


Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis, presented by Ball State University School of Art

Overlapping Objectives: The Whys and Hows of Collaboration

10 - 11 am | Lecture Room B

“Collaboration” is a buzzword in today’s art world. Visual artists working in all media increasingly are taking advantage of the potential of such exchanges. Moderated by renowned studio artist, critic and author Bruce Metcalf, this panel will examine several well-known examples in order to evaluate what kinds of team efforts are proving most successful and why. 

Presented by the School of Art, Ball State University in conjunction with the SOFA CHICAGO Special Exhibit “Ball State University School of Art: Fostering Dialogue and Collaboration”

Sheila Frampton-Cooper, represented by Palette Contemporary Art and Craft

Frampton-Cooper Comes Alive!

11 - 12 pm | Lecture Room A

After channeling her artistic muse into painting, jewelry-making and architectural photography for many years, Los Angeles native, Sheila Frampton-Cooper began creating abstract fiber art in 2010. In this lecture, Frampton-Cooper will offer insight into her compositions, process and the profound impact music has had on her artistry. Additionally, she will explore the events that have led her on an on-going, grand adventure in France’s art culture. 

Sponsored by Palette Contemporary Art and Craft

What is the DNA of a Collection?

11 am - 1 pm | Lecture Room B

Join this engaging discussion about the evolution of a collection – from the growth of a young collection to more mature collections that are inherited or gifted to public collections – and how to navigate the cultivation and security of art acquisitions. Join Panelists Susie Silbert, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Glass, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY; Katya Heller, Director, Heller Gallery, New York, NY; Sarah Traver, Director, Traver Gallery, Seattle, WA; and Alyssa Quinlan, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Gurr Johns, Inc.; and moderated by Maggie Reynolds, Senior Fine Art and Collections Specialist, Chubb Personal Risk Services, as they examine each of their unique perspectives on growing a collection and the needs of a collection through the various stages of growth, maturity, and preservation. 

Reception to follow. Space limited, RVSP required. Please RSVP here to attend this event. 

Presented by Chubb Personal Risk Services

Esther Shimazu, represented by John Natsoulas Gallery

Esther Shimazu: Ohana Mine

11 - 12 pm | Lecture Room C

Esther Shimazu, a Japanese American ceramicist born and raised in Honolulu, is a master in capturing the human spirit in clay. Her hollow stoneware figures – pudgy male and female nudes – are jolly souls who love life and lack self-consciousness. They come across as eccentric and likeable, rather like the woman who molded them. 

Sponsored by John Natsoulas Gallery

Art, Democracy and Community

1 - 2 pm | Lecture Room B

Art, Democracy and Community will explore the current political climate and its impact on first amendment issues as it relates to the arts. Panelists will examine how artists can excel at building community and encouraging communal dialogue. Panelists include; Bob Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts, Michelle Boone, Chief Program and Civic Engagement Officer of Navy Pier Inc., Sabina Ott, visual artist and founder of Terrain.

Presented by Americans for the Arts

Marble idol, presented by Phoenix Ancient Art

Cross Collection: Ancient Art Through the Modern Eye

2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room A

Curator, Dr. Alexander V. Kruglov will discuss the trend of cross collecting, as many modern and contemporary art lovers begin to add ancient art to their collections. Cycladic art in particular, has become extremely popular and is known to have been an inspiration to great modern sculptors such as Picasso, Giacometti, Modigliani, and Henry Moore. 

Sponsored by Phoenix Ancient Art

Ted Reyda, presented by the International Museum of Dinnerware Design

Anomalies and Curiosities of Dinnerware

2 - 3 pm | Lecture Room C

In this lecture, Margaret Carney, PhD, will explore curious and unique dinnerware design. Does a discussion about dinnerware just include the work of skilled potters or gifted designers? When beauty and function intersect with a certain type of (possibly twisted) visionary genius, anomalies and curiosities of dinnerware are created – as are timeless masterpieces, never to be forgotten. 

Presented by the Dinnerware Museum in conjunction with the SOFA CHICAGO Special Exhibit “Timeless Dinnerware Design”

Leon Niehues, presented by Schiffer Publishing

Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America

3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room A

Co-curators Jo Stealey and Kristin Schwain present, Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America, an exhibition and catalog that chronicle American basketry’s historical roots in the Industrial Revolution to its presence in today’s art world. This discussion highlights the educational model that brought it to life; the historical significance of basketry and how its meaning and function change over time; and an overview of the artists who have established basketry as a dynamic art movement. A book signing with the authors will follow in the Schiffer Publishing booth. 

Presented by Schiffer Publishing

Karen Ami, Executive Director, Executive Director of The Chicago Mosaic School and GoCM

What Was Old is New Again: Perspective on Contemporary Mosaics

3 - 4 pm | Lecture Room B

Contemporary mosaic art has given rise to an innovative use of materials that transcend ancient technique and speak to a new generation of creative’s. A growing field of artists explore mosaic as an expansion of their established art practices that began with drawing, painting and sculpture. Artists Pamela Irving (AU), Angela Sanders (CA), Sue Giannotti (MO), and Executive Director of SAMA, Dawnmarie Zimmerman and moderator Karen Ami, Executive Director of The Chicago Mosaic School and GoCM, will discuss their paths to working in mosaic and their growing interest in the methods and approaches to this timeless art form. 

Presented by the Chicago Mosaic School and GoCM in conjunction with the SOFA CHICAGO Special Exhibit “Contemporary Virtuosos”


4 - 5 pm | Lecture Room B

CONNECT highlights innovative design programs at universities throughout the country. Faculty advisors of the six finalist schools discuss influences, concepts, and challenges for each of their designs. Amy Kern, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University, Denver; Molly J. Burke, Assistant Director of Graduate Studies and Assistant Professor, Columbus College of Art + Design; Tom Maioriana, Assistant Professor, Department of Design at the University of California, Davis; Cory Daniel Robinson, Director, Basile center for Art, Design, and Public Life and Associate Professor of Furniture Design, Herron School of Art & Design; Nicole Hall, Graduate Admissions Director, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; and Laura Drake, Associate Professor of Industrial Design, Purdue University.

Kristin Qualls, Director of Exhibitions and Collections, WheatonArts

Museum as Partner: The Emanation Project at WheatonArts

4 - 5 pm | Lecture Room C

The Emanation Project at WheatonArts includes artists’ residencies during which invited artists create new work in the WheatonArts Glass Studio; an exhibition in the Museum of American Glass of the work created during the residencies; and education programs geared to public audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Join Kristin Qualls, the Director of Exhibitions and Collections, as she illustrates how the Emanation Project was conceived, developed and implemented. 

Presented by the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

SUNDAY, November 5


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